Empty leg flights charters

Empty Legs

An empty leg, also called a ferry flight or an empty flight, is a private jet flying without any passengers. This happens when an aircraft drops off passengers at their destination and returns home “empty”, or when it flies “empty” to pick up passengers at another airport.
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DatumVonNachJet typeSitzplätzePreis
28 Sep 2020MondayBerlinPisaCitation CJ4Max. Kapazität3.550€
29 Sep 2020TuesdayPragueNicePremier IA6Max. Kapazität6.400€
30 Sep 2020WednesdayPisaHannoverCitation XLS+6Max. Kapazität6.900€
01 Oct 2020ThursdaySalzburgBerlinCitation CJ26Max. Kapazität2.990€
02 Oct 2020FridayMunichComisoCitation CJ14Max. Kapazität4.900€
03 Oct 2020SaturdayLondonMilanCitation XLS+6Max. Kapazität6.850€
04 Oct 2020SundaySt. PetersburgPragueCitation XLS+6Max. Kapazität7.490€
05 Oct 2020MondayNiceStuttgartCitation XLS+6Max. Kapazität3.990€
05 Oct 2020MondayZurichStockholmChallenger 3009Max. Kapazität7.490€
05 Oct 2020MondayPalmaNicePiaggio Avanti II6Max. Kapazität4.990€
07 Oct 2020WednesdayStuttgartBarcelonaCitation CJ46Max. Kapazität6.100€
07 Oct 2020WednesdayStuttgartSyltCitation M24Max. Kapazität4.490€
09 Oct 2020FridayViennaNiceCitation XLS6Max. Kapazität5.900€
09 Oct 2020FridayGenevaLondonPhenom 3007Max. Kapazität6.550€
09 Oct 2020FridayBremenPalmaPhenom 3007Max. Kapazität8.650€
10 Oct 2020SaturdayGenevaNaplesCitation CJ2+6Max. Kapazität5.300€
10 Oct 2020SaturdayNicePragueCitation Excel6Max. Kapazität3.990€
11 Oct 2020SundayLondonPalmaCitation XLS+6Max. Kapazität8.100€
11 Oct 2020SundayBrusselsNiceCitation XLS6Max. Kapazität6.400€
13 Oct 2020TuesdayDusseldorfParisPiaggio Avanti II6Max. Kapazität4.400€
13 Oct 2020TuesdayParisBerlinPiaggio Avanti II6Max. Kapazität5.200€
13 Oct 2020TuesdayInnsbruckBerlinCitation CJ4Max. Kapazität3.490€
15 Oct 2020ThursdayDusseldorfCannesCitation CJ4Max. Kapazität3.950€
17 Oct 2020SaturdayStuttgartZurichCitation M24Max. Kapazität2.200€
23 Oct 2020FridayLondonNicePhenom 3007Max. Kapazität6.190€
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