Benefit NOW from our private early-bird rates. Fly with us and pass the yearly airport chaosr.
Only you decide at which time you fly ? Have breakfast, unhurriedly with your family, while the chauffeur stowed your luggage safely in the sedan and drives you then to the VIP terminal Now even attract favorable charter prices: for example, in light jet starts from 8999€ for up to 8 passengers from Cologne to Sardinia, Ibiza & Mallorca one way.
Experience has shown that prices rise in May / June at 20 – 30%.
We have many cheap private jets for the summer months available.

Check with us – we are always available.

Your Call a Jet Team
Yuliya, Andreas und Joe
Comparison : Flight Cologne – Olbia (Sardinien) e.g. at 09.07.2016

Airline flight :

02:45 Wake up
03.15 Breakfast with your family
03:45 Taxi to the Airport
04:15 Arriving Flughafen
04:30 Check in
05:00 Security Control
05:30 Boarding
06:05 Departure
08:00 Arriving Olbia
08:20 Baggage claim
08:30 Drive Flughafen – Hotel

total : 5:45 Hours

Privater Charter :

08:00 Wake up
08:30 Breakfast with your family
09:00 Pick up by Limousine Service
09:30 Arrive at the VIP Terminal.
09:45 Departure Cologne.
11:40 Landing Olbia
11:50 Drive to the Hotel with baggage

total : 3:50 Hours

Your team is available around the clock. Call us us at tel. +49 228 91565489 or write us an e-mail with your request :