Call a Jet proudly presents luxury journeys way beyond competition. Our unique offerings always combine travelling in a private jet and staying in one out of the exquisitest hotels the world has to offer. Our luxury journey to Palma can be also viewed as a PDF-document.

Our August-offer for you: Palma.
Call a Jet presents a four-days-three-nights luxury journey to Palma including flight in a private jet and a suite for two people in the exquisite Hotel Cap Rocat. To make sure to benefit from our special rate (EUR 14.900,– incl. tax), please book in August 2012.

Your arrival:
Our chauffeur picks you up at home and drives you directly to your jet. Your check-in won`t take longer than five minutes and as soon as you are on bord your stewardess will be offering you your favorite champaign. Furthermore, we will serve you finest food and an exquisite choice of wine. Our Haute cuisine has an excellent reputation and you can enjoy it in your jet, in your suite or at the beach.

Your hotel:
Exclusively for you we offer three nights in the beautiful Hotel Cap Rocat. To discover more about Cap Rocat, please click on:

Cap Rocat is a former military fortress located in the most secluded area of the bay of Palma de Mallorca. Stunningly blended into the landscape, this magnificent fortress has been totally refurbished without altering its unique architecture and its natural environment. The former fortress halls have become relaxing areas, where different scenarios have been recreated, together with private lounges for exclusive use of our guests. In summer, the former patios are transformed into pleasant lounges where one can enjoy the warm summer nights.

The former shooting pads, with a commanding view of the bay of Palma, have become spectacular suites each with a private patio and terraces. The sea, and the different swimming areas which have been set up around the former pier, are all part now of a natural reserve, and they are exceptional spots to enjoy the fantastic and crystal clear Mediterranean sea. The spectacular infinity swimming pool with salt water is located on one of the walls of the former fortress. The water blends in with the sea and the sky, on a spectacular spot, with views over the whole bay of Palma.

Our promise:
This offer is an example to give you an idea of our prices. To live up to your high expectations, prices will be calculated on an individual basis. This is to make sure that our offer is designed to meet your specific requirements. Please feel free to contact us anytime via mail or phone call/text message: +49 (0) 151 1567 4221 (Joe Kurta)