At February the 7th, the XXII. Winter Olympics starts in the russian city of Sochi. And we have good news: there are still tickets available . This winter games are a must for all sports and travel enthusiasts . but the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi offers much more. For example, the six ice rinks , were various competitions takes place, are not only all and the first time at the Winter Olympics right next to each other, but also very close to the Black Sea . The snow competitions will be held in five venues near the village of Krasnaya Polyana , an area which you should keep in mind: After the Winter Games this area will remain as an exclusive ski resort. Some new buildings can be easily removed and relocated to other cities so as to be truly multi- functional and long-term is really usable . By the way, the star violinist ” Vanessa Mae ” , compete for gold at the slalom competition for Thailand. We are very curious how she ends up . Also interesting is that Sochi is the first sub-tropical city which held the Olympic Winter Games . Watch the speed skating competition live and enjoy afterward an ice cream at the Black Sea with pleasant temperatures.

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