Empty leg flights charters

Empty Legs

An empty leg, also called a ferry flight or an empty flight, is a private jet flying without any passengers. This happens when an aircraft drops off passengers at their destination and returns home “empty”, or when it flies “empty” to pick up passengers at another airport.
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DateFromToJet typeAsientosPrice
10 Jul 2020FridayBudapestLondonBeechjet 4006Max Capacity3.000€
11 Jul 2020SaturdayOstravaThessalonikiCitation CJ36Max Capacity5.450€
11 Jul 2020SaturdayIbizaMunichCitation CJ26Max Capacity6.450€
12 Jul 2020SundayGenevaPalmaPhenom 3008Max Capacity6.290€
13 Jul 2020MondayMunichCannesChallenger 60412Max Capacity6.950€
13 Jul 2020MondayGenevaOlbiaCitation CJ2+6Max Capacity4.250€
14 Jul 2020TuesdayZurichPalmaCitation CJ3+6Max Capacity5.990€
15 Jul 2020WednesdayStuttgartMikonosCitation Sovereign8Max Capacity8.990€
16 Jul 2020ThursdayBudapestLondonHawker 7508Max Capacity7.650€
16 Jul 2020ThursdayLondonParisCitation Latitude8Max Capacity3.990€
17 Jul 2020FridayOlbiaLondonFalcon 50 EX10Max Capacity6.590€
18 Jul 2020SaturdayPragueAthensCitation Excel6Max Capacity3.900€
19 Jul 2020SundayIbizaNiceLegacy 5008Max Capacity7.590€
19 Jul 2020SundayFarnboroughNiceLegacy 5008Max Capacity8.490€
19 Jul 2020SundayKievMikonosPiaggio Avanti7Max Capacity5.890€
20 July 2020MondayBudapestSaint-TropezPilatus PC-12/47E6Max Capacity7.450€
23 Jul 2020ThursdayPisaNiceChallenger 60410Max Capacity5.490€
26 Jul 2020SundayZurichParisCitation Mustang4Max Capacity3.290€
26 Jul 2020SundayMilanGenevaCitation CJ15Max Capacity2.600€
31 Jul 2020FridayGenevaMilanCitation CJ15Max Capacity2.600€
01 Aug 2020SaturdayViennaSkiathosCitation CJ2+8Max Capacity3.600€
01 Aug 2020SaturdayCannesMunichCitation Mustang4Max Capacity6.290€
08 Aug 2020SaturdayFaroLondonHawker 800 B8Max Capacity6.150€
14 Aug 2020FridayBerlinPalmaCitation XLS8Max Capacity6.550€
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