Over the past few months, we have been experiencing higher demand for private jet travel at Call a Jet, and the holiday season was busier than ever. We are also seeing that more and more people are choosing private jets instead of commercial airlines due to health and safety reasons, to protect themselves by avoiding crowds and having a contact-free journey.

Flying private has several advantages when it comes to providing a healthy travel experience, including avoiding airport terminals and not worrying about the health of other people onboard.

We have collected a couple of significant reasons why it is safer to travel by private jet during a pandemic.

  • Short-notice bookings: Nowadays, it is more important than ever to be flexible with short-notice bookings. Jets can be requested really quickly, through email, phone, in our App or on our website, and can be arranged in a few hours.
  • Limousine service: Limousine service can be requested to the departure and from the arrival airport as well. This private service makes your travel faster, easier and more contactless.
  • Private terminals: Private jets use smaller executive terminals (FBOs) with private lounges. The private jet terminals are less crowded and private jet passengers usually board their aircraft as soon as they arrive at the terminal. This way, you can avoid all airport queues and contact with a bunch of people.
  • Departure and arrival airport procedures: If you book a private jet, you skip all the long queues at the check-in or security checks. If you fly private, all of it happens really fast and privately.
  • Baggage handling: When you fly private, baggage handling doesn’t involve numerous people: an airport worker gives it directly to the pilot, who places it straight to the plane. So your belongings won’t get lost or damaged.
  • The jets are sanitized and deep cleansed: Flying private means a safe travel experience. Since the appearance of the coronavirus, extra attention is paid to keeping the jets sanitized and deep cleansed.
  • People onboard: You decide who you want to travel with. We don’t operate seat-sharing flights, so you don’t need to worry about sitting with strangers.
  • Food and drinks: Private jet bookings include creating your own menu. We only work with our trusted partners who provide you high-quality food and drinks during your flight.
  • Access to smaller airports: While commercial airlines are restricted, private jets can land at any smaller and public airports, so you can reduce travel time.
  • Cancellation terms: The cancellation terms are more flexible to adapt to the constantly changing Covid regulations.

Just give us a call and fly!