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Hi Joe! I need a jet from Paris to Ibiza around 12 pm on Monday 24th, and back on Sunday 30th. Can you please check it for me?

Yes sure. For 2 passengers? Would you like to go back in the afternoon?


Thank you,  I am working on your new flight request.

I can offer you a CJ3 for 17.500€ round trip, or a Citation XLS empty leg from Paris to Ibiza with an 11 am local departure on 24th for only 7.500€. What do you think?

Thank you for the offers! I would be interested in the XLS.

Alright, I talk to the jet operator.

If you book the jet now, they will make it for  7.000 €.

Great, thank you! I would like to book it then. Please find me a good deal for the return flight as well.

Sure, thank you for your new flight booking. I send your crew and handling details as soon as possible.

Please find attached your flight briefing. I mailed you the charter agreement and the invoice. Please wire the amount today. Thank you!

Sure, thank you for your help!

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 Changes in the airline industry have created a demand for private jet travel. With access to hundreds of airports, a private aircraft can get you closer to your destination faster than any commercial airline.

how it works at Call a Jet

Commercial flights

Total travel time: 5 hrs 15 min

2 hrs

Arrive at least 2 hours before flight, go through security,
and make it to your gate to board the plane

2.5 hrs

Hamburg – Ibiza

45 min

Taxi to the gate, disembark the plane, walk to
the baggage claim, find ground transportation

Private flight

Total travel time: 2 hrs 45 min

10 min

Board your

2.5 hrs

Hamburg – Ibiza

5 min

Disembark your aircraft
and load into your private vehicle