Book Your Holiday In Time – 5 Private Villas To Stay

The summer rush has already started, so we suggest you book your flight in time.
To give you some destination ideas, we have collected 5 amazing villas to rent around Europe, and we fly you straight there!

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Top 5 Spring Getaway Destinations in Europe

March is the best time for a spring getaway somewhere in Europe! Rich culture, amazing cuisines, pleasant weather and many sights to see. Whether you opt for a weekend trip or a leisurely stay, the beauty of Europe is how easily you can flip between cities.

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Top 5 Ski Destinations

How about an early-season skiing / snowboarding getaway? Europe can offer many gems to enjoy the slopes and have a relaxing winter holiday. We have collected some of the best ones for you.

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Top 5 destinations to enjoy summer in October

October is the perfect time of the year to travel somewhere. Life goes back to normal after the summer rush, so the holiday destinations are less crowded. You can enjoy your getaway in peace, try fantastic cuisines, drink great wines, discover the hidden gems. We have collected our 5 favorite places, where you can still enjoy the warm weather in October.

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Visit Egypt with Call a Jet – Travel Diary By Joe Kurta

My wife, our daughter and I just got back from this beautiful country which is awaiting you with so many amazing temples, pyramids, museums, the beautiful Nile river, friendly people and sandy beaches with great dive and snorkeling spots.
After 2 weeks in Egypt, I have to admit that we fell in love with this country and wanted to go back to explore more.

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Why is it safer to travel by private jet during the Coronavirus pandemic

Over the past few months, we have been experiencing higher demand for private jet travel at Call a Jet, and the holiday season was busier than ever. We are also seeing that more and more people are choosing private jets instead of commercial airlines due to health and safety reasons, to protect themselves by avoiding crowds and having a contact-free journey.

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jet plane on airfield

Big News

We are proudly announce our new website feature: the VIP Terminals page!

Over the years, we have experienced that one of the key factors for our passengers is to find their handling’s meeting point at any terminal or airport. We have created this site, to provide you a guideline for easier traveling. From now on, you can check your destinations at anytime, doesn’t matter where you fly:

Book your flight and enjoy your cozy travel!

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