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    Hi Joe! I need a jet from Paris to Ibiza around 12 pm on Monday 24th, and back on Sunday 30th. Can you please check it for me?

  •  - 

    Yes sure. For 2 passengers? Would you like to go back in the afternoon?

  •  - 


  •  - 

    Thank you, I am working on your new flight request.

  • 14:13 - 

    I can offer you a CJ3 for 17.500€ round trip, or a Citation XLS empty leg from Paris to Ibiza with an 11 am local departure on 24th for only 7.500€. What do you think?

  •  - 

    Thank you for the offers! I would be interested in the XLS.

  •  - 

    Alright, I talk to the jet operator.

  • 14:28 - 

    If you book the jet now, they will make it for 7.000 €.

  •  - 

    Great, thank you! I would like to book it then. Please find me a good deal for the return flight as well.

  •  - 

    Sure, thank you for your new flight booking. I send your crew and handling details as soon as possible.

  • 14:48 - 

    Please find attached your flight briefing. I mailed you the charter agreement and the invoice. Please wire the amount today. Thank you!

  •  - 

    Sure, thank you for your help!

Call a Jet Experience

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Limousines Service

Our private jet clients trust us with booking their limousines for more than 14 years and that is the reason why we decided to offer our ow limousine service. It can be requested for departure and arrival at airports worldwide.


Private jets use smaller executive terminals (FBOs) with private lounges. These terminals are less crowded and passengers usually board their aircraft 15 minutes later they arrive at the terminal. This way, you can avoid all airport queues and contact with a bunch of people.


If you book a private jet, you have the freedom to arrive only 15 minutes before your flight. The check-in happens at a separate small general aviation terminal where your captain greets you at the entrance. Your luggage will be handed over to the handling agent, who also arranges catering in advance. They escort you through the quick security check without any queueing. By the time you arrive at your plane, everything will be ready for take off.


We have access to more than 12 000 licensed aircrafts from lights jets to airliners to guarantee you a unique and tailor-made travel experience at the best price.


Call a Jet is offering you only high-quality food and drinks during your flight. You pick, we deliver.


We know that pets are part of the family. We make sure that your favorite ones enjoy the trip with you in the cabin. Your crew will take extra time to make your dog get used to the plane. We had over 100 dogs and some cats flew with us.