In this blog post, we are introducing our Call a Jet team members, as well as our office in Budapest!

Since 2008, when the company was established by our CEO Joe Kurta, we have been aiming to make private traveling more affordable, that is, bringing luxury closer to everyone.

Call a Jet started in Germany, but ever since we have grown at a rapid pace, which enabled us to open an office in the heart of Budapest as well in 2018.

With the opening of the Hungarian office, Gabriella and Greta joined to Joe and Yuliya. At the end of 2022, we expanded our team with Arina:

Joe Kurta

Joe Kurta – CEO, Charter Broker

Yuliya Kurta – Charter Broker

Gabriella Czibula – Charter Broker

Greta Shenon – Marketing Manager

Arina Budakova – Charter Broker

Have a look at our Hungarian office:

Visit us in Budapest and have a coffee with us!